Results 9th Anniversary Tournament

Resultados del torneo 9º Aniversario. El pasado Sábado 8 de Junio celebramos en Valle Romano Golf & Resort el torneo de golf que conmemora el 9º Aniversario de nuestro campo de golf.

Fabulous day of golf, with the golf course in perfect condition and a climate that invited to enjoy a lovely day of golf.

Last Saturday, June 8, we celebrated at Valle Romano Golf & Resort the golf tournament that commemorates the 9th Anniversary of our golf course.

Scratch Results

  1. Michelele Sancillo (27)
  2. Dave Prinsen (27)
  3. Juan Tocon Diez (25)

Classification 1st Category (0-15,3)

  1. Victor Naz (38)
  2. Michelele Sancillo (35)
  3. Nicolás Larrain Alba (35)

Classification 2nd Category

  1. Julian Martinez Izquierdo (43)
  2. Luanica Pouroulis (40)
  3. Alvaro Clemares Sempere (38)