Food truck Columela

Valle Romano Golf & Resort has, since last Monday 21st June 2021 a new formula to improve our clients´ experience, a food truck called Columela.

A ground-breaking and revolutionary experience, from the Chef Miguel Herrera, who has recently been decorated by King Philip VI with the Civil Award medal for this voluntary work as a solidarity chef.

Miguel Herrera was born in Algodonales, although he lives in Ronda, and during the Covid 19 quarantine he started the initiative ‘Oído Serranía’, where he prepared and delivered menus (up to 850 daily), free of charge, to those in need, in more than 20 towns in Serranía de Ronda and Cádiz. Miguel understand cooking as a life philosophy and he is coherent in his thoughts, this cook from Algodonales highlights the importance of having “respect for those who don´t have and for the generations to come.

Some years ago, Miguel started a gastronomical business in the catering El Cuchareo, and to this he added new initiatives, such as bringing his plates out to the Street on four wheels on food truck L17, and generate unique experiences in the ecological hotel Cueva del Gato, located in the Natural Park of Grazalema, or provide healthy and natural products to his kitchen thanks to the ecological allotment Zerón.

The pearl to his Project is El Golimbreo, a gastronomical training school, including programmes, classes and workshops of all levels and for all types of students. Here, Herrera shows how to cook individuals with different capacities, youngsters, those in risk of social exclusion or immigrants under Government protection, and other groups.

The food truck Columela, name given in honour of an agronomist writer of the Ancient Rome born in Gadir (Cádiz) in the year 4 a. C., and will be permanently installed in the grounds of Valle Romano Golf & Resort for the enjoyment of the visitors, tasting Miguel´s Cuisine and meeting him.