I Charity Golf Tournament Hugo Montero

Last Saturday the 15th we celebrated the Charity Golf Tournament in favor of Hugo Montero.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a magnificent day of golf at Valle Romano. We were accompanied by supportive golfers and supported by many collaborators who made the event possible.

We would especially like to thank Carlos Coronil for his altruistic work, alma mater and promoter of this solidarity action to raise funds and contribute to the cause of Hugo, a young man from Estepona who suffered a spinal cord injury while practicing his favorite sport on the beach.

Many businessmen from the Costa del Sol and especially from our municipality, have responded to the call by joining in and contributing their grain of sand. We deeply thank the Andalusian selection of professional cuisine for coming and delighting us with their culinary art in a completely selfless way, offering a wonderful catering that they executed from start to finish.

We wish Hugo and his family all the strength in the world in his recovery and we invite him to visit Valle Romano whenever he wants, “this is your home.”

First category winners

  1. Jose Antonio Grande (34 pts)
  2. Francisco Torres (34 pts)
  3. Juan Jose López (34 pts)

Second category winners

  1. Francisco Luis Garcia (37 pts)
  2. Jose Antonio Bandera (37 pts)
  3. Eloy Benitéez (35 pts)

Ladies special award

  1. Claudia Mejia (38 pts)