Aeration of greens in Valle Romano Golf

From June 28 to July 2, will be carried out works of aeration of our greens, tees and greens surroundings and this way we will avoid closing our golf club for these maintenance works, so necessary and important to keep our play Surface in great condition.

We must remind you that golf is practiced on a live ground. For this reason, it requires daily maintenance, with Independence to any other temporary factor. To continue the maintenance works the golf course requires, in Valle Romano Golf we are complying strictly with all the health measures recommended by the Health Ministry to preserve the integrity and health of our maintenance and technical staff.

The importance of aeration, is the key to providing the healthy flora condition to our surfaces. We will inform of this maintenance work done in our golf courses, which is done, at least twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Basically, what we manage to obtain with the aeration is create channels which favour and help maintain a balance in the ground. We want to decompress and open the ground which will allow both the water and the air flow.

The aeration, which has several other related names, consists in drilling holes in the ground with a special machinery. This operation will allow the penetration of other elements of the ground, so it is normally followed by a second phase, in the hole created by the drilling, it is filled with sand, which will stimulate the development of the roots and make them deeper. Also, this work can be used to place seeds and fertilizers. The benefits of the aeration are multiple, as it allows aeration the roots layer, and also allows the decomposition of the organic matter in the ground, allows drainage, reduces the risk of illness and increases the capacity of water retention.

To undertake this job, we must use several drill holes, depending on the utility of this job. They can be solid or empty. The work we are making currently is done with empty holes, to extract parts of the ground, which is afterwards retrieved, they are crushed and released on the ground.